Thank you for visiting us online. At Prodal we strive to do everything we can to respect the trust customers have in our products and our commitment to your privacy is no exception. We are committed to protecting and safeguarding consumer privacy on the Internet.

Your personal information (Email and postal code) are for our internal use only. Under no circumstances will they be passed on to any third parties for marketing purposes.

Your information will only be used by our technical service providers, with whom we have long-lasting relationships, so that we can ensure the necessary technical support for effectively serving our customers.

We guarantee privacy to our customers in accordance with French law  (n° 78-17 dated 01/06/1978, loi “Informatique et Libertés”). According to Article 16 of this law, all information concerning convention, beliefs, religion as well as political opinions will not be retained.

We are commited to ensuring the security of your personal data, in particular to preventing data from being changed, destroyed, or passed onto non-authorized third parties. Therefore, all data is stored in secured areas inaccessible to the public.

According to the French law n°78-17 from the 6th of January 1978 (loi “Informatique et Libertés”) your are entitled to access and change you data. If you like to change or delete your personal data please contact us:


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